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Our services are designed to help you become a better you. Quitting is not an option.  We believe if you have the desire, it is possible and we are here to help you.

Christian Counseling
We provide Christian counseling for youth, adults and couples. Our counselors are licensed and ordained ministers of the Gospel.  All sessions are confidential and can be in person or by Zoom.  Sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long.
Business Etiquette

We teach you the difference between social and business etiquette for obtaining employment and sustaining it.  We want you to become competitive in the job market and make memorable impressions with confidence and a polished image.  You will learn how to address upper management from a hand shake to a verbal greeting, email etiquette, proper attire and proper posture.


Resume Preparation and Mock Interviews

We assist you in building a professional resume with key words and phrases relevant to the positions you are seeking.  We conduct mock interviews to allow you first hand experience in answering standard questions that are used in most interviews.  We show you how to relax, how to listen and we explain while demonstrating the unspoken body language that portrays confidence and poise.

Hair/Beauty and Wardrobe

We partner with other professionals in the beauty industry, as well as, other agencies who assist us in providing these services. We ensure that you leave us on your final session polished, professional and appropriate for the position you are seeking,

​Living Assistance

We assist you in finding living arrangements.  We partner with other agencies and organizations that help us in this endeavor.  While we cannot promise you accommodations, we diligently seek out means to help you from being homeless.  Recipients are assessed and must meet eligibility criteria.

Meal Assistance

We provide whole foods for nutritional value and water.  We partner with other companies in the food industries to provide food to women and their children in need of food on a monthly basis.  Holidays are special to us and we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a good meal during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  For families with conditions that prevent them from preparing these holiday meals, we have a program called "From Home to Home Holiday Meal Program" where The Whole Life Project Volunteer Team prepares your meal for you to pickup.  Recipients are assessed and must meet eligibility criteria.

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