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Pick Up the Pieces

Pick up the Pieces is a interactive program encouraging women and teenage girls to pick up the pieces of what has been broken and start again.  

Brokenness can affect many lives in many ways. Women typically hold on to the pain of divorce, desertion, abortion, rape and molestation because of shame and their unwillingness to forgive.  Holding on breaks the healing process and hinders a healthy future.


We help them uncover the root of brokenness and empower them through the word of God to be free and live a whole life.

We also host private "Pick up the Pieces " bling parties for women and teenagers in a more personal setting.  You can host a session! 

You pick the topic, you invite your guests and we sit down have "real talk" up close and personal until we find the missing piece. Afterwards, when everyone has a clear mind, we give each participant at your party a free piece of jewelry to add to their shining light!

Host a party today!  Allow us a month advanced notice to arrange travel and adequate inventory of jewelry.  Let us help someone smile and live a whole life in mind, body and spirit.

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