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The Whole Life Project - here to serve, ready to support and excited to celebrate you!

About The Whole Life Project


We started in September 2012 offering weekly exercise classes to men and women. January 2013, we saw a greater need to assist individuals by supporting their efforts to lose weight through diet and exercise.  Henceforth, we launched our first 90 Day Personal Challenge program to encourage individuals to eat healthy and hold them accountable for their food choices and exercise.  We discovered that some of the women had underlying issues contributing to low self esteem, so in May 2013 we began holding monthly prayer services as an outlet to release and agree in hope for a better future.  It spread by word of mouth and has become a place of referral to receive encouragement and spiritual support.  

October 2014, we held our first Pick Up the Pieces Conferences addressing brokenness, physical and verbal abuse, death and other issues that caused family hardships.  This conference was birthed due to the responses that we learned from our monthly prayer services.  


The number of women impacted during prayer and the evidence of change from the 90 Day Personal Challenge was cause for a celebration.  We hosted a formal gala with dinner in Nashville, TN to celebrate and honor the women for their accomplishments. The Whole Life Project Gala will continue annually and all accomplishments from every program will be highlighted and individuals honored.

In September 2015, we held our first Little Miss Crown and Glory Etiquette Program and Pageant for young girls in a joint venture with Sistas with Style Empowerment Group in Fayetteville, GA.  There were numerous requests to continue this program from the parents. Therefore, we have continued hosting The Little Miss Crown and Glory as an annual event and seek to increase the number of participants by 30% in the upcoming year. 

Our latest event , Woman to Woman, Daughter to Daughter  Retreat is a joint collaboration with Effortless Events of Atlanta, GA.  This retreat is a weekend affair filled with food, fun and fellowship that sparks a special bonding between mother and daughter. 

We are continually seeking new and innovative ideas to help women to Pick up the Pieces of their life and become free and live a whole life in mind, body and spirit. 

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